To Entrepreneurs

This website is bad news for some. It spells the end of excuses such as "I'm building a prototype to validate my idea.", "It's too troublesome, I'd rather spend time building the products." or even "I would start validating my idea but I haven't thought of the name yet!".

We know it's hard getting out of the building but we assure you it is the smartest move you can make - life is too short to build product nobody wants. That's why we're simplifying the steps of reaching a problem/solution fit - now you just need the problem and the solution.

So submit your ideas on OOTB today, and start validating them immediately.

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To Everyone Else

We are entrepreneurs, we learn by failing, preferably fast. That's why we need your help by telling us whether the problem we're trying to solve is one that is worth solving at all. The most valuable asset to us isn't time or money, it's normal people like yourself telling us if you have the problem we're trying to solve, and whether we're solving it the right way.

- Sincerely, entrepreneurs from around the world

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